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Giving back

Texture Theory is committed to caring for the whole woman, by being thoughtful about what we put into our products, and what we put out into the world around us. In our products, we use only wholesome ingredients that bring out the natural beauty of textured hair. In our community, we are committed to lifting up women by supporting Rung for Women, a space to help women achieve sustained independence and holistic well-being. Just as we help women feel confident on the outside, Rung helps its members feel confident and powerful on the inside. We support their mission and work in three important ways: 

Financial Investment

Texture Theory is a financial supporter of Rung for Women’s Wellness Program, providing critical funding to allow more women to participate in the program. Rung Wellness programming supports the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of Rung’s members on their path to the life- and family-sustaining careers they deserve.

Employment Opportunities

As an active member of the Employer Advisory Group for Advanced Manufacturing, we’re committed to identifying pathways for Rung members to secure family-sustaining jobs within our own company and helping Rung identify and implement the training necessary to prepare Rung members for these jobs.

Employee Volunteers

Our employees receive five paid mission days each year to volunteer with organizations like Rung for Women. Volunteers have the opportunity to participate in speed-networking events or lead group discussions with Rung members who are taking the next step toward landing a career in their chosen industry. 

Volunteer Opportunities

Speed Networking Volunteer

Organizations, corporations, and individuals can sponsor speed networking sessions to aid Rung members in the building and expansion of their network.

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Affinity Group Leader

Volunteers will lead discussions for Rung members who have selected their career pathway and are ready to begin the training components needed to land a career in their chosen industry.

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Rung for Women offers the resources, space, and community for women who are ready to work towards the career and the life they deserve.

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